71 Year Old Man Breaks Planking World Record At Sabes JCC And I Had To Find Out From Facebook

Andy Steinfeldt, 71, broke the world record for holding a plank at the Sabes JCC this past week by holding a plank for 38 minutes. Not to make this incredible feat about me, BUT, I was devastated to learn that this past week there was a literal fitspo celebrity in the same building as me and NO ONE TOLD ME. I had to find out about it like some people find out about their kids’ relationship statuses: ON FACEBOOK.

Regardless of how hurt I am for not being included (very hurt btw), I have a number of questions for Mr. Steinfeldt.

  1. How?
  2. Why?
  3. Does he have an Insta I can follow?
  4. Why wasn’t this being screamed from the hallways of the Sabes JCC so everyone could witness it?

Not impressed yet because your ego is over-inflated? The 71-year old just finished radiation for prostate cancer.

What have you done lately?