Fitness Tips From Andy, The Plank World Record Holder

Last week I wrote an article about 71-year-old Plank King Andy Steinfeldt who broke the world record by holding a plank for 38 minutes. I got an exclusive post-plank interview with the self-proclaimed “Septuagenarian Planking King” where he told us how he stays in such great shape and also just some random things that I felt were too good not to share. Before we start though, here are Andy’s not-really-transformative-transformation pics because he apparently has been fit since he was 18???? Fascinating.

Andy at 18

Andy now

Enough flexing, time for tips.

  1. Become the Buddah.  Andy eats a low-fat, mostly vegetarian diet and has apparently gotten to the point where he no longer has cravings. He has basically reached fitness Nirvana and doesn’t even have a cheat food he loves. Buddah? Robot? Insane discipline? I can’t relate to any of it, but I respect it.
  2. Move to Rio. Fun fact: Andy is a professional singer and was recently on tour in Brazil. This winter he ran on the beach, played outdoor basketball, and worked out his vocal cords in the recording studio. He also told me that he sings while he planks. I can barely plank while I plank so tbh good for him.
  3. Go to therapy. Cat therapy that is. This is a serious inside scoop, an Andy detail no other news outlets got. He regularly relaxes at the local cat cafe. He didn’t say this helps with his fitness, but I was lead to believe this helps him relax his mind which probably helps him not lose his mind while he’s planking for over half an hour.
  4. Wear mismatched shoes. Andy said he practices “imbalance” meaning he is constantly doing workouts that cause him to be at a tilt or slant so that he works all the random muscles you don’t normally get from a more basic workout regime. He uses a Bosu ball, but I feel like a couple laps around the track with a stiletto and a sneaker could be a serious workout.
  5. Only plank once a year. Yep, the secret to holding a 38-minute plank is harnessing a years worth of pent up planking energy and releasing it all at once on your birthday! That built up energy with the birthday magic will help you break world records. Seriously though, he only planks once a year because he thinks they are boring. Finally, something we have in common.

I will personally not be adopting any of these tips, but I respect Andy’s work ethic and can’t wait to hang out with him at is 72nd birthday plank next year.

Also, remember when I said he was a singer? Here’s his stuff: