Introducing Jewfolk Podcasts

Podcasts are hardly new in the digital world. Whether for news, storytelling, interviews or pop culture, its estimated more than half of the population listens.

TC Jewfolk has been in the podcast business for 13 months, as we transitioned our popular Who The Folk?! article series to a podcast. Now, Jewfolk is moving from interviewing people for Who The Folk?! to helping organizations tell its stories.

Starting this morning, you can download Hakshivu! Hakshivu!: The Herzl Camp Podcast, which is the first podcast produced by Jewfolk, Inc. This isn’t Jewfolk driving the conversation for Herzl – we’re just turning the dials; camp staff chooses the topics and leads the conversation.

We’re excited to be working with our friends down the hall in helping get their message out. In Episode 1 – which you can download now – Camp Director Drea Lear and Family Experience Manager Dani Frissora talk about how you know if your child is ready for camp – and how to know if you’re ready for your child to go to camp.

You can listen to the first one below, but in the future, please subscribe. You can find us on: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. Special thanks to Aaron Gelperin for the punk version of the Herzl Rouser, and the band (lead singer Tori Evans, guitarist Mark Hurwitz, and Aaron Gelperin on bass and drum machine).