JLink™ Feature Friday: May Edition

Get to know Jewish professionals and JLink members in this month’s Feature Friday roundup!

Sara Karol

Sara moved to Minneapolis from Long Island, NY in 2015 after graduating from Indiana University. She currently works for Target as an auditor, with a passion for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering.

In her Jewish life, she serves as Beth El Synagogue’s interim Youth Director and a resident of the Twin Cities Moishe House. At Beth El, she helps high schoolers develop programming for USY. At Moishe House, she and her three roommates (Hanah Cytron , Neil Stein, and Allie Borenstein) develop 5-6 programs each month for young Jewish professionals ages 22-32. Programs include Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, social events, Tikkun Olam activities, and more.

Moishe House is currently recruiting new residents to help plan programming! If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, or would like to attend events, send a DM to Sara, her roommates, or the Moishe House Twin Cities Facebook page!

 Neil Stein

A’hlan! My name is Neil Stein, I was born in Israel and moved to Minnesota in 2000. Growing up in Minnesota was a wonderful experience, filled with almost too many Jewish commmunity memories, from USY to Herzl Camp and back. After a brief break from Minnesota to go to Washington University in St. Louis, where I graduated from my studies in environmental policy & environmental engineering in 2017, I’m back working at Minnesota Hillel and taking classes towards a master’s in environmental engineering.

I’m proud to be involved in the Jewish community beyond my day job, not only by living in the Moishe House with Allie, Hanah, and Sara (last week’s incredible feature), but also by serving as Adath USY’s Youth Advisor. Being involved in three different levels of Jewish programming (four if you count volunteering as a member of the JFCS Inclusion Committee) means that I stay pretty busy!

Beyond all of my involvements, I have a passion for traveling the world, cooking all sorts of crazy recipes (ask any of the aforementioned housemates or check our my cooking Instagram, @chefchowin), and sharing my story.

I’m very thankful for the chance to take up a little bit of your newsfeed, and I’d love to get connected! DM me of Facebook or email me at [email protected], I promise to respond right away, unless you email this Sunday in which case I’ll be in mourning over the end of Game of Thrones/possibly my favorite surviving character, we’ll see

Ayelet Shani-Seemann

Shalom! My name is Ayelet. I was born and raised in Israel where I served as an officer in the leadership school of the IDF, finished my undergrad in Exercise Physiology and Cardiovascular rehabilitation. Deciding on Career change, I ended up with a Master’s in human resource management and Training. Since then continued with Mini MBA and much more… the endless student 😉

My life path led me to live in a few places I call home. From Marseille, France to Montreal Canada, New York and now Minnesota. I am proficient in three languages (Hebrew, English and French) and can understand a few more.
I was transferred to Minnesota by a semiconductor company named Agere Systems. As account manager I was the main point of contact to a couple of key accounts as well as other emerging accounts. I wore a few hats in that position.

A few years later, Agere was bought by another company with most of us finding ourselves looking for a new position. Meanwhile, I met Bob who grew up here and I found myself changing my plans from going back home to making Minnesota my new home. We have a 10 years old girl and we now live in Eden Prairie.

Being far from family and with very little help in raising our daughter, I understood that I do not want to go back to corporate America. I decided to realize another dream and become a business owner. Since travel was always a passion of mine, I traveled to more then 20 countries on both personal journeys and business, I decided to join the family of “Cruise Planners” and started my own franchise: “Cruise Planners-Cruise our way and travel”.

My job is to plan and customize your vacation wherever you want to go and how you want to get there. I take the time to get to know you, your travel style and your budget so we can build the right experience for you. As an American Express representative, I can offer AMEX benefits to non-card holders, process points and more. I often have access to promotions that are not available online. I work with individuals and groups. I take the planning off your plate so you can concentrate on what’s important – time away with the ones you love!

I enjoy working with people, that is what I have done my entire life. I love the planning and managing of projects and in this current career I get to do it all.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my Bio. Thank you J-Link for the opportunity to feature here this week. I look forward to getting to know you.

I can be reached via:
Email: [email protected]
Work: www.cruiseourway.com (952-681-2232)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dave Snyder

Hi! My name is Dave Snyder and I can’t resist the call of a good Oneg table. My mother did me a solid by helping to establish Shir Tikvah Congregation – Minneapolis, MN 30 years ago (thanks Mom!), so I get lots of great Oneg action, and a beautiful community in which to immerse myself and my family. I graduated in 1994 from Minneapolis South (thanks Tigers!) and headed east for college, graduate school and a bunch of Tikkun Olam trouble-making. Following Minnesota tradition, I met a wonderful woman and persuaded her to marry me and move back to Minnesota in 2005 (thanks Kristy!). We live in Richfield, where we and our children, and beagle (and cats, and guinea pigs) are almost certainly audible up and down the block as we sing and bellow our way through parenthood and life. We’ve also found our way back to Shir Tikvah, where I co-teach the confirmation class with our Rabbinic Trifecta (thanks Michael, Debra and Arielle!), and I serve as the Organizing Director at Jewish Community Action (JCA). JCA provides a space for Jews and allies to act on our values regarding issues like immigration reform, housing justice and tenants rights, and challenging anti-semitism and white nationalism (thanks Carin!). I would love to talk with YOU more about getting involved with JCA this summer — please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks and Shabbat Shalom!