5 Date Nights For While Your Kids Are at Camp (Summer 2019 Update!)

Hello and welcome to the 2019 edition of  “Date Nights For While Your Kids Are at Camp”! It’s summertime again and I am still happily childless and here to tell you what the eff is cool around town this summer*. While the oldies from last summer are still solid options, we’re trying to keep it fresh for you and your significant other!

Upstairs Circus – Is there anything more dangerous than drinking and hammering things? No, but at least now you can do it at this sexy North Loop location rather than in your home garage. Upstairs Circus is like all those paint and sip places but better because you are making stuff you might actually want to keep! Make this the ultimate date night and go to Edwards Dessert Kitchen afterward for a nightcap of cake. Please don’t let the lack of North Loop parking deter you. Invite your friends and share a Lyft.

Demi – Everyone deserves a fancy night out, especially YOU! After a long year of being adults, treat your mature ass selves to a real adult dinner. Demi is as trendy as it gets right now. The famous TC chef Gavin Kaysen (you might know him from his previous hits: Spoon and Stable and Bellecour), has created not just a meal, but an ~experience~. The tasting menu is pricey, and seats are hard to come by (they only seat 20 at a time!) so make your reservation today!

Eastside – Rumor has it downtown is dead, but Eastside is working overtime to revive it**. Eastside has a new chef and he’s brought some life back into Downtown. Your date can easily end in a romantic walk across the stone arch bridge or a show at the Guthrie. Also, I just love their website! Even if you don’t eat there check it out because the aesthetic is just *chef’s kiss*.

Magic Noodle – If you still don’t go to St. Paul for ANYTHING it’s officially time to swallow your pride and make the “trek”. Magic Noodle has brought hand-pulled noodles to THE ENTIRE STATE OF MINNESOTA and they are 100% worth the drive. Plus, once you’re in St. Paul you might find that it’s cute AF and deserves a little more love***

The Parkway Theater Throwbacks – When was the last time you went to a movie? It’s expensive and they are just making sequels these days so pretty much not worth it. Luckily Parkway Theater offers the classics on the big screen all summer long for you! From Say Anything to Space Jam to basically all the Star Wars originals, this is a solid date night for a couple that just wants to relive the glory days of film.

*Not that once you have kids you aren’t cool…).

**Don’t I sound like Gossip Girl here?! XOXO, Jewfolk Girl

***Note the author is not from St. Paul. There is no bias. She’s just sick of everyone complaining and is doing her civic duty to change the conversation.