Why We Now Require a Salary Range for Job Postings – and Why All Jewish Organizations Should Too!

As of May 1, 2019, Jewfolk, Inc. started requiring a salary range on all of our job postings. While this is not standard practice in general on most job postings, this concept is gaining steam particularly in the nonprofit world. Part of the popularity has been spurred by Nonprofit AF’s founder Vu Le, who wrote this viral post several years ago and which continues to inspire both the requirement in his related Facebook groups (Nonprofit Happy Hour, Executive Director Happy Hour), as well as much discussion within those groups.

His basic premise is that providing a salary range for job postings creates more equity, saves time, and ultimately, creates the best possible pool of candidates for a position because of the transparency.

We could not agree more – and we want to challenge all Minnesota Jewish organizations to do so. We are walking this walk; job postings on TCJewfolk.com must provide a salary range. And we’ve begun to encourage this practice in places where we might have influence. I raised this very issue in a group called 5779: The Year of the Jewish Woman when someone posted an opportunity there; I also co-admin a Facebook group for Jewish Female-Identifying Executive Directors/CEOs that also requires the listing of a salary range.

I encourage you to take the time to read through Vu Le’s blog post linked above but also to consider his points in the context of Jewish values. In terms of equity, the Jewish concept of B’tzelem Elohim (we are all created in G-d’s image) would certainly apply. Asking for someone’s salary history only serves to perpetuate the gender wage gap, and if we’re all created in G-d’s image, does it matter where we identify on the gender spectrum? If we hold up the importance of Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh B’Zeh (All of Israel/the Jewish people is/are responsible for one another), then don’t we want our organizations to run efficiently, effectively, save time, and carefully spend precious donor dollars? It seems so simple and yet, time and again, it has been shown to work. I know many of my professional Jewish colleagues will not even consider a job posting unless a salary range has been posted.

Posting salary ranges is yet another way that millennials and Gen Zers are shifting workplace environments, both in Jewish and secular workplaces. While Jewish nonprofit organizations are often notorious for being 5-10 years late to trends, this is one that we can face head-on immediately. Who is in?