Coming Soon: Ask Baubie!

We all need a little help. Whether it’s being unsure about cooking, needing parenting advice, or help to navigate family holidays, sometimes Baubie knows best.

But if you don’t have one, or would prefer to go to one that you aren’t related to for certain questions, it’s all good. Because starting next month, have we got a Baubie for you!

“Ask Baubie” is our new monthly advice column. Our Baubie is a mother of three, grandmother of six, a retired speech and language pathologist who has worked in the Birth to Five Program and in elementary schools serving students from kindergarten-sixth grade. And she is eager to answer your questions.

All you have to do is email [email protected]. Your questions will be posted anonymously, so be careful with giving any detailed, identifying information (i.e.: a child’s name). Each month, she’ll select some questions and give you the answers in her column on TC Jewfolk.