You’re Invited: The 2019 J Event

For the last three years, the Twin Cities’ two Jewish Community Centers have put on an annual party to bring the community together to celebrate as one and to recognize the power of collaboration.

This year’s event, held on Sunday, November 10, will shine a light of the amazing work of the JCCs that enrich the lives of individuals and families in our community. Over 3000 people walk through the doors of the JCCs each day, including hundreds of young families who children attend our Early Childhood Centers and thousands of kids who enjoy a Jewish summer camp experience through the JCCs. The JCCs literally touch the lives of everyone in our community at some point – our grandparents, our parents, our children, our friends.

The event at the Minneapolis Marriot City Center will focus on the shared values of serving others, inclusivity, building community, mutual respect, excellence and innovation.

“When you ask people in the community why they love the JCC, that’s what they tell us,” said Michael Waldman, CEO of the JCCs. “Those are the answers – no matter what side of the river you are on.”

This year will feature an original, live performance that shines a spotlight on real JCC stories and moments that have changed lives.

Michael Robins, the director and producer of Illusion Theater, is creating a production for the event called “Life Happens Here.” Robins has spent the past six months interviewing a wide range of community members who have shared their JCC stories with him. He has taken their stories and created a spoken-word performance that will be presented at the event by Twin Cities Jewish actors: Avi Aharoni, Meri Golden, Michael Paul Levin, Miriam Schwartz, and Anthony Sisler-Neuman.

Being honored at this year’s event is Don and Rhoda Mains, and Judge Mickey Greenberg and Shelly Kornblum.

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