Michelle Horovitz Honored For Social Entrepreneurship

Michelle Horovitz’s social entrepreneurship is well known in the Twin Cities for co-founding Appetite For Change, the non-profit she is the executive director of. Now that work will get some deserved international notoriety.

Horovitz was one of 10 women from around the world who was named to The Collective by the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York. The Collective is an active, ongoing community where visionary entrepreneurs and leaders collaborate and offer each other strategic support and advice.

“My work isn’t really embedded in the Jewish community,” Horovitz said. “Because I’m so busy doing my work, I don’t spend a ton of time looking at what’s happening globally in Jewish women entrepreneurship. But I’m very honored and excited to meet these other women.”

As part of being one of the 10 women named to this cohort, Appetite For Change receives a $50,000 grant over three years for general operating funds. Horovitz said that money is especially helpful right now.

“We don’t know what the future holds, and the programming is shifting and pivoting and changing,” she said. “It’s very helpful from a practical standpoint.”

There is also funding that will enable Horovitz to create her own professional development or coaching opportunity over three years as well. There is also going to be monthly virtual meetings between the women, which is being facilitated by Ruth Messinger.

“It’s not very often you get to be surrounded by nine other incredible women that aren’t only dealing with a lot of same challenges and work, but that all are women and all are Jewish,” Horovitz said. “It will be good to talk about that as a part of the work and to explore my Judaism and faith in the context of this work.”

“JWFNY is investing in strong and innovative Jewish women who are tackling some of the world’s most intractable challenges,” said Jamie Allen Black, CEO of JWFNY. “They are authoritative sources for solutions, and their voices, ideas, and perspectives must be elevated – especially now as the world faces a pandemic that is deepening and unleashing all forms of social, health, and economic challenges sparing no one.”

Appetite For Change is a food-centered enterprise to create social, racial, and health equity in North Minneapolis by breaking systemic barriers preventing access to fresh and nourishing food. AFC is helping to enhance the ability of individuals and families to make positive food choices while creating support and opportunity through business enterprises and training programs.

Her Jewish values have driven a lot of Horovitz’s career decision, dating back to when she chose to be a public defender when she was a practicing attorney.

“It all comes back to my Jewish values and growing up with those really strong influences from my parents and looking at the world with always an eye towards Tikkun Olam, and giving back and strengthening other communities around us,” she said. “My Jewish values help me to empathize with those who are othered, persecuted, oppressed, and drives me to fight against those systems.”