Dear Valued Readers of TC Jewfolk and Members of the Community,

Your feedback and opinion on our editorial content is valued and appreciated. We learn and grow from your direct engagement, as well as from lessons we learn in society. It is clear we missed the mark in the way we approached a recent story about a local family serving meals to police who served districts where there were protesters in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing. We are discussing how to better approach these topics going forward. As we wrote on earlier this month after the killing of George Floyd, it is our every intention to be an ally and a platform for the entire Jewish community, including Jews of Color. It is also our intention to produce content that aligns with our mission and the common Jewish values of Chesed and Tzedekah.

While actions do speak louder than words, we want you to know that as a staff, board, and editorial committee, we are dedicated to this mission and to being an ally to BIPOC, both in and outside of the Jewish community. We are perpetual learners and have a lot to learn from our experiences, choices, and mistakes. We admit we may miss the mark at times, but we are committed to doing better, and doing our part in Tikkun Olam — repairing the world, as best we can.

We invite you to continue on this journey with us. Please continue sharing your feedback and ideas in comments to our articles, on our social media pages, as letters to the editor, or in private emails. We do read them. We also welcome your direct involvement. We have openings on our editorial committees or other committees if you so choose. We will continue to do our best to be a platform for the entire Jewish community, including reflecting all of your diverse voices. Please know that you are always welcome and needed in that process.


David Milavetz (Board Chair), Sheree Curry (Editorial Committee Chair),
Libby Parker (Executive Director), and the rest of the Jewfolk, Inc. Board of Directors