Jew Review: ‘Parenting with Sanity and Joy’

What was my favorite part of the book: Parenting with Sanity and Joy by Susan G. Groner? I would have to say the bookmark!

Probably not what you expected. But by including a bookmark, and a beautiful blue fabric one at that, the author, and publisher, The Collective Book Studio, have acknowledged that a parent will be reading this book.

Parents are known to be busy, and not always have time to read a book cover to cover in one sitting. Even a book like this with one anecdote per page can’t be guaranteed to be read without a child stopping by to ask for something. Just knowing that the bookmark is there and has your back really was a meaningful part of the physicality of this book.

This book is also an easy read and one that you can stop and start at any time. You could plan to read one or two pages a day for inspiration, or open to a random page each day. It is full of tips and ideas for raising kids in an inspirational way. Many times you will be nodding your head in agreement and proud that you already employ the mentioned techniques, and sometimes you will bookmark new ideas in your mind.

This is a great book to read right now as so many of us are spending more or even all of our time with our families. It would also make a good gift for any parent-to-be, highlighting some issues and celebrations they have in store.

The ideas that struck me the most are related to daily memory making, and what memories of their childhood as a whole will my children have. It is also partly a workbook to record family wishes and ideas.

Though not explicitly a Jewish book, Jewish ideals run throughout the pages. From the ideas of giving back as a family, respecting parents and children, and raising a good person, this book can definitely be seen in a Jewish light.