MRA Offers Ways To Get Involved In The Upcoming Election

The members of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association enter these weeks before the November 3rd election with an awareness of our responsibility as citizens and leaders in our community.

As we learn in Midrash Tanchuma, “If a person sits in their home and says to themselves, “What have the affairs of society to do with me? And why should I trouble myself with the people’s voices of protest? Instead, let my soul dwell in peace!” — If an individual does this, they overthrow the entire world.”

As Jews, we have an obligation to engage in the society in which we live. It is in this spirit that we join with organizations across the Minnesota Jewish community, as well as with multi-faith partners across the state, in coming together to defend our democracy this election season. The Minnesota Rabbinical Association stands as one, even as we hold different political views, to say that we are here for our community to provide:

Comfort: In a time of anxiety, we are here to provide counsel and to create space for prayer, song, and hope.

Connection: In a time of polarization, we want all people to see the humanity in each other across ideological and political lines, to be more curious and less judgmental.

Calm, Clarity, and Courage: In a time of threats to the democratic process, civic engagement is a mitzvah. We are committed to a free and fair election in which everyone can vote safely and without intimidation. We ask every citizen of voting age to participate in the democratic process and every politician to wait to declare victory until all votes are counted. We oppose making Israel a wedge issue and denounce the spread of information that casts doubts on the election.

Please see below for non-partisan opportunities to join us in this sacred work. We are grateful to all our partners for their expertise and experience and will continue to communicate information as it becomes available.


Thursday, Oct 22

Defending our Democracy Training/Event with JCA

6:30-8:00 via Zoom

The goal of this event is to provide clear information to our members and community on events as they unfold, support our members to mobilize quickly, safely and effectively, in person or digitally; and advance a bold, clear narrative that we are united in demanding that every vote must be counted; that attacks on nonviolent protesters and the press, by white supremacists and/or by police, must be called out and challenged.

Sunday, Oct 25

One Last Get Out The Vote Push Party with NCJW and JCA

6-7 PM via Zoom

Join together for one final GOTV push to make sure every Minnesotan’s voice is heard in this election. At this party, you’ll find out ways you can help voters make a plan to vote this election. You’ll also hear from voting rights advocates, a representative from the Secretary of State’s office, and a first-time voter on how our efforts to reach voters have a big impact on this election.

Sunday, Nov 1

(TENTATIVE) Multifaith Vigil for Democracy

Sunday afternoon on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol

Details for this event are still being determined. More information to come soon.

Saturday, Nov 7


7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom

Wherever our country is at this moment, we will need a space for song, prayer, and conversation. This hour-long gathering will include time for facilitated breakout sessions.


How to vote

How to volunteer

  • Help with the shortage of poll workers:

  • If you have a legal background, click here to serve as a captain for the Election Protection’s English language national voter hotline

Campaigns and Resources