Who The Folk?! Steve Simon Talks Election Day

With Election Day just days away, we thought it would be a great time to talk once again with Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon for a special PSA about the state of voting in Minnesota. We talk about how you can STILL get your vote counted, what that deadline to get your ballot postmarked is, and how many voters we may see as Minnesota tries to keep its best-in-the-nation voter turnout rate, on this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast.

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Election Day Resources

SOS Elections & Voting homepage

How the election will work in 2020
How to register or update registration including on Election Day at the polls
Check status of absentee ballot
Early voting/drop-off locations by county
View sample ballot
Find your polling place to vote on Election Day
Help available on Election Day including curbside voting
What to do if you see someone intimidating voters, engaging in poll watching, or ‘Challengers’ who are not following protocol
See a long line at the polls?  Pizza to the Polls will bring those waiting some free food!
MN Governors pro-voting video
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