J•Cation On Demand

We can’t exactly travel for pleasure right now, but what about a staycation on demand?

In a year when pretty much everything, including leisure time, has markedly changed, Jewfolk pulled together to present our first-ever 24-hour event highlighting our mission of 10,000 ways to be Jewish: J•Cation, the ultimate staycation. The J•Cation experience includes something for everyone, and is a gift from us to our amazing community! If you find value in J•Cation and from TC Jewfolk’s platform for community, news coverage, and the additional resources we provide year round, consider heading to JCation.org to support our mission (and have your contribution matched 1:1)!

J•Cation began at sundown on Thursday, October 16 and concluded with Shabbat candle lighting the next afternoon. We estimate 315 Jewfolk from the Twin Cities and beyond dropped in for some or all of the bevy of experiences—but if you couldn’t make it or want to relive the virtual getaway, we now have most of J•Cation uploaded for on demand viewing!

Start with the welcome below, and continue on via the link displayed in the final seconds of each video—or pick and choose which experiences to replay from the complete playlist, here.

As a note, a few of our J•Cation on demand experiences are not available for replay, and one or two of these recordings will only be available for a limited time—so we recommend re-watching sooner rather than later!