JFS St. Paul’s Essential Programs Funded by Donations

In the JFS November newsletter, “Family Matters,” we told you about our client Shawna. She fell behind with her rent when her new employer’s storefront was destroyed during protests earlier this year. The new job she was excited about and the increased income she was counting on was gone. In the time it would take to find a new job and receive her first paycheck, Shawna would be evicted. Our emergency financial assistance program paid her rent, making it possible for her to stay in her home.

Shawna turned to JFS a second time for help finding a new job. Through our employment services, we helped her with her resume, interview skills, and job search. She landed a position as a call center agent that gives her financial security and allows her to work from home.

Both programs are funded exclusively by donations. With these gifts, Shawna was able to overcome a potentially devastating challenge and move forward with hope and dignity. These essential programs help hundreds of your neighbors live fuller, more meaningful lives. Financial assistance, home-delivered meals, dangerous levels of stress, anxiety, and isolation… the increase in demand for our help has been incredible. As the pandemic drags on, demand will continue to grow.

Please help us improve more lives with your gift before the end of the year. Together, we can help more people face the most ordinary and extraordinary circumstances in their lives.