Now Accepting Submissions Through March 15 For The First J-Pride Zine: ‘Out From the Narrow Place, Into the Wilderness’

  • Is there a connection between being in the closet and being in bondage in Egypt?
  • What does collective liberation feel like?
  • What do we need to get there?
  • How does it feel to step into the unknown Wilderness?
  • Who has hardened their heart to your suffering?
  • Who is the one who stepped first into the sea and encouraged you to follow them?
  • How does it sit in your body to celebrate freedom while others are still in some kind of Narrow Place?

We are seeking submissions through March 15 of poetry, interpretations of Torah, art, photography, collage, memes, love letters, songs, and stories that are inspired by these questions or related to themes of gender, LGBTQ+ identity, Pesach, bondage, and liberation. Click here to submit!

Please keep text submissions to under 500 words. This is an all-ages project, and highly explicit or graphic content will not be considered. You may submit as many times as you wish; priority will be given to submissions from LGBTQ+ Jews residing in or who have a connection to Minnesota.

There will be a Zoom release party on Trans Day of Visibility, Wednesday, Mar. 31.

Stay tuned for more details and other TDoV offerings!