Our Strength Comes From Our Community

Dear Sholom Community: 

Dear Sholom Community: 

Our world is now a full year into an unprecedented pandemic which has tested each and every person and organization. Depending on where you look, people and organizations have responded in a variety of ways — some good, some not so good — and very few have navigated this perfect storm of an invisible and deadly virus without a few bumps along the way. But those organizations that really shined are few and far between – and we believe Sholom has shined and is continuing to weather this perfect storm because above all else, Sholom is and always will be, an incredible community that comes together to share and celebrate in our community no matter the circumstance. 

Think back to those beginning days of the pandemic when very little was known about the dangers or how best to move forward. And remember, how in the face of uncertainty, one thing was certain: the Sholom community would step up and support Sholom when needed. All the ways the community stepped up are too numerous to mention here, but we saw everyday miracles of masks being made available, visits being arranged on video, donors opening their hearts and wallets, and people taking the time to show they cared. These everyday miracles came from foundations, federations, organizations, synagogues, and people who cared about Sholom, our community, and how for more than a century, Sholom has been there to weather perfect storm after perfect storm for our seniors and those most vulnerable. Every day we saw selfless acts of love, kindness and humanity from our community for our community. 

No matter your vantage point, you know that Sholom is special. And you know Sholom is unique among most long-term care facilities because it is by and for our community, it is run by a Board of Directors who are members of our community, and because it has served all of our families for generations. Sholom leans into our perfect storms no matter the shape or size. 

Today, Sholom has once again found itself in a perfect storm. Our community may have seen a recent media report about the government fining Sholom for the pandemic-related death of one of our beloved colleagues. This compounding of the grief of losing a colleague while essentially blaming his death on equipment that was not available to us seems particularly unnecessary. 

It is how we face these storms that matter most and below you will find those who are standing alongside Sholom as we navigate this perfect storm listed below. Sholom made itself better in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and will continue to serve the community with the same dedication, professionalism, transparency, and joy as before. We’ve been challenged before, we will be challenged again, but our Sholom community will always become stronger through our good times and our bad times. Together, we’re making it through this pandemic, no matter how unfair or harsh, because we have each other. 

In peace and solidarity for our community, 

The Sholom Board of Directors 

The Sholom Foundation Board of Directors

The Sholom Auxiliary