Get Paid To Go To Camp

Every summer, hundreds of kids gear up to go to Camp Olami and Camp Butwin, the Minnesota JCC’s summer day camps. And this summer will be no different.   After a “gap summer” in 2020, campers and parents are eager to be back at camp.

While the health and safety guidelines mean fewer campers than past years, the need for quality staff is greater than ever. “In a normal summer, we have new staff that fall in love with camp and want to come back as our older staff age out, and it builds from there,” said Allie Greenstein, Camp Olami director. “Because camp was cancelled in 2020, I think a lot of those would-be returners did not have the opportunity to get connected to camp last summer.”

After missing out on summer 2020 opportunities, many teens and college students are being pulled in several different directions. “We want camp to be at the top of that list,” said Greenstein.

Ben Savin, Camp Butwin Director said, “Often times, prospective staff don’t realize the real-life experiences that camp has to offer – the chance to grow as a leader and develop interpersonal skills. Staff are working together with children to problem solve and innovate. These are real leadership skills that are unique to camp.”

Camp provides important professional skill sets that are valued in the workplace – collaboration, adaptability, problem solving, communication, dedication and taking on new challenges.

Greenstein added, “Many employers note that camp experience can make a resume competitive. If they’re looking at two equally qualified candidates side by side, they’re often going to go with a person with camp experience. These individuals gain versatile skills working at camp; the ability to think on their feet, to be creative, to have fantastic interpersonal communication skills, and so much more.”

Said Savin: “As we begin to turn a corner into our new normal, this is a huge opportunity for teens and young adults to make a difference at a time that really matters,” said Savin. In five years when we look back on this time, we all want to feel like we did something meaningful. Will you join us?”

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