Talmud Torah of St. Paul Celebrates 2021 Graduates, Recognizes Combined 130 Years of Teaching

Talmud Torah of St. Paul (TTSP) will celebrate the graduation of four high school seniors from their Midrasha Program on Saturday, May 23 in a virtual Graduation Ceremony 

 The community aspect of TTSP’s program is exemplified through its graduates. This year’s graduates each come from different high schools and are affiliated with three of the St. Paul synagogues.  

 The 2021/5871 TTSP Midrasha Graduates are: 

  • Bella Kaplan, St. Louis Park High School

Bella says that the close relationships that she developed with teachers and students at TTSP made it exciting and easier to learn. She feels lucky to have studied with teachers like Dr. Arie Zmora, who bring remarkable first-hand experiences to their teaching.

  • Sam Milbank, Glenbrook South High School

Sam enjoyed the small personal classes at TTSP and says his Jewish education allowed him to think critically and analyze at a deeper level beginning at a much younger age. He completed his last year in Midrasha remotely from Chicago.

  • David Skadron, Henry Sibley High School

“If you don’t seek out a Jewish education, you don’t have many opportunities to connect with other Jewish students or Jewish heritage,” David says. “TTSP was a great experience.”

  • Sadie Wall, Johnson Senior High School

Sadie believes that it’s important for students to discover their own passions and connect to Judaism in their own way. At TTSP, she said she “felt like I was learning for fun and not because I had to.”

TTSP will also recognize its Faculty Milestones of Briana Lavintman and Heidi Tarshish, 5 years; Barry Glaser and Toby Meirovitz, 10 years; Dr. Lydia Schultz, Becky Carlson, and Dr. Arie Zmora, 20 years; and Rabbi Yosi Gordon, 40 years. 

Combined, the faculty has over 130 years of commitment to Jewish Education at TTSP. We are blessed to have the long-term commitment of many talented scholars. Their dedication and expertise are a large part of what makes our programs wonderful and unique,” says Heidi Tarshish, Director of Education.  

 TTSP invites the community to attend the Graduation and Teacher Recognition Ceremony.  If you are interested in attending the ceremony, please register online at www.ttsp.org/graduation.

About Talmud Torah of St. Paul:

Talmud Torah of St. Paul (TTSP) has been the central address for Jewish education in St. Paul since 1956. TTSP consists of three major programs that provide challenging and innovative curricula for all. The Newman School is the Day School program of TTSP. The Afternoon School and Midrasha programs offer supplementary education classes for students in grades 2-12 to learn Hebrew, Torah, and Jewish culture. Hineni is the Adult Education program, which offers a wide variety of classes and events to inspire and meet the interests of adults of all ages.