Celebrating Jewfolk’s 12th Year

A dark blue field and the message: "Jewfolk turns 12 this month! Can you help us make it to 120? Head to link in bio to donate."A green field with the TC Jewfolk logo and the message: "We're proud to report Twin Cities Jewish news, big and small! We wrote 247 articles (publishing 21 days per month)... which were circulated to 136,168 readers over 2,720 hours... and we won awards from the American Jewish Press Association & Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists"An orange field with the JLink, MN Mammalehs, and JCreate logos and the message: "We're building community together, every day: 1,170 TC Jewish professionals network on 1 post per day 2,250 MN Jewish moms, grandmas, & expectant mothers share info & advice on 1 new topic every hour, every day Our newest space for Jewish artists has grown to 125 with 11 threads per month"A dark blue field with the TC Jewfolk logo and the message: "This year more than ever, Jewish engagement was happening virtually. We augment our online communities with events and touchpoints—both virtually and IRL when safe. Over the past year we held 47 events online + 10 in person. The ability to reach more virtually people is a silver lining. Our programming drew as many as 16,000 who engaged Jewishly for more than 1,000 hours."A purple field with the Jewfolk Podcast logo and the message: "The Jewfolk Podcast Network grew to host 5 shows: Who The Folk?! introduced listeners to 44 TC community members doing interesting things... while LeaderFolk featured 30 women, nonbinary, & genderqueer communal professionals doing important work across Jewish America..." A pink field with the Jewfolk Podcast logo and the message: "meanwhile, The Jews Are Tired brought you a weekly digest of the big stories around the Jewish world... Spill the Soup opened a (sometimes hilarious, always fascinating) channel into the lives of Jewish Gen Z... and Kuumba Hineni dove into intersectionality in the Jewish community, going far more than skin deep."A yellow field with the FolkMedia logo and the message: "We also make digital/social media coaching & management affordable for Jewish agencies & small businesses without sacrificing quality. This year we worked with & for: jGirls Magazine Good People Fund Arba Minim SVIVAH Haggadot.com JCRC of Minnesota and the Dakotas"A light blue field with the Jewfolk, Inc. logo and the message: "All of this was and continues to be made possible by your support & engagement! Thank you for your gift to help sustain Jewfolk's outsized impact on our communities! Head to link in bio to donate"