Finding Fall

It’s been a good run
Of late summer fun
But fall is creeping in

As I sit by my place
I start beginning to trace
Signs of the new season
As it begins

The breeze feels amazing
The leaves’ colors are changing
Then finding their way
To the ground

The nights are much colder
The moon’s shine is bolder
Its reflection not making a sound

The stars glimmer bright
On Halloween night
Reflecting their light
On the ground

The birds are alert
I can hear their sharp chirps
As they fly, I don’t know
Where they’re bound

It just seems to me that
These things were meant
To be as our world keeps
Spinning around

That big beautiful sun
That gave us so much
Summer fun before the
Fall season was found

When fall comes it isn’t too hard to find. It can be found in the cool breeze, the bright oranges, reds, and yellows of leaves changing colors, and the smells of foliage or pumpkin spice. It’s a magical season to spend with family and/or friends.  

“The breeze feels amazing, the leaves’ colors are changing, then finding their way to the ground. The birds are alert, I can hear their sharp chirps. As they fly, I don’t know where they’re bound”

-Noah Brod Farber