Frying Pan Showdown: Eight Nights, Sixteen Oil-Doused Battles

Hanukkah can feel so commercialized these days. On the other hand, Jewfolk staff (and you too, we bet) are are so excited to eat all the fried things. And we especially want to find out what the fried favorite of the Twin Cities is in 5782.

Enter: Frying Pan Showdown, a bracket-style competition between a mix of the most delectable, beloved, and surprising fried foods out there. This year, we’re acknowledging this holiday’s real history with several pitched battles and lots of oil (well, OK, maybe having a lot of oil on hand isn’t quite on point).

Every night and morning during Hanukkah, we’ll post a match up. Vote on your preferred platform: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram stories. We’ll update progress on match ups right here. Which fried delicacy will be the Frozen Chosen’s chosen? Only you can decide, Jewfolk.

Update 12/6: The Hanukkah 2021/5782 People’s Choice has been declared! Scroll down for a night-by-night recap of the competition and to find out the winner!

Night 1: Latkes vs Egg Rolls

Day 1: Potato Chips vs Tortilla Chips

Night 2: Tater Tots vs Onion Rings

Day 2: Falafel vs French Fries

Night 3: Fried Dill Pickles vs Jalapeño Poppers

Day 3: Gribenes vs Fried Cheese Curds

Night 4: Donuts vs Churros

Day 4: Funnel Cake vs Beignets

Night 5: Latkes vs Tortilla Chips

Day 5: Fried Dill Pickles vs Fried Cheese Curds

Night 6: Tater Tots vs French Fries

Day 6: Donuts vs Beignets

Night 7: Latkes vs Fried Cheese Curds

Day 7: Donuts vs French Fries

Night 8 (DARK HORSE SHOWDOWN while votes in the semi-final round tally up): Tempura vs Fish & Chips

Day 8 (THE FINAL!): Latkes vs French Fries

Showdown Recap