Jewish Job: Beth Jacob Congregation Hiring Communications Manager

Job Title:

Communication Manager

Organization Name:

Beth Jacob Congregation

Job Type:


Salary Range:



Open until filled

Job Summary/Description:

This 25 hour per week position (5 days, 5 hours, or 4 days, 6+ hours preferred) is a critical and valued role and is the main person responsible for our website, email marketing, press releases, synagogue newsletter, social media postings and other communications. They will design, write, and produce digital and print communications and create marketing materials (e.g., e-newsletters, blogs, social media, website).

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Update and maintain website.

  • Keep WordPress core, backup themes and plugins up to date by installing most updates about once a month, and critical updates the same day they are released.
  • Post timely information (event announcements, schedule change announcements, etc) on the same day it’s decided, and remove posts and information.
  • Update website content 

Design and manage informational emails using Constant Contact.

  • Create and send out emails, making informed judgements about what type of content is appropriate for the weekly emails.
  • Design the look of the various email templates and update them, as time and needs dictate.
  • Assist lay-leadership and Rabbis with the drafting of various shul-wide communications.

Maintain online sign-up system 

  • Create registration, sign up, and other forms as determined by staff or requested by committees.

Lead the development and implementation of a social media strategy and other outward-facing communications of Beth Jacob’s presence.

  • Create and maintain a document describing Beth Jacob’s social media strategy.
  • Update social media presence (e.g. on Twitter, Facebook, and whichever other platforms you determine are part of the social media strategy) as regularly as the website.
  • Post events to community-at-large (AJW, TC Jewfolk calendar).
  • Design event posters, flyers, and mailers.
  • Assist in maintaining synagogue’s internal calendar (currently the primary duty of the synagogue office manager).
  • Build/maintain press list and regularly send event announcements.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Degree in communication, business, marketing or equivalent
  • 3+ years of experience in a social media or communications role
  • Multitasking abilities and strong organizational skills
  • Intermediate or above expertise with software including Microsoft Office. Adobe Creative Suite, website software (WordPress), email services, and social network services.
  • Working knowledge of email, database, computer and website/internet systems
  • Nonprofit experience preferred
  • Ability to work in small office and team oriented environment.
  • Ability to meet work project timelines and completion schedules.
  • Ability to work with a wide range of people. Ability to remain calm in times of stress.
  • The ability to work independently and as a member of the team.

How To Apply:

Send resume to [email protected]