4 Things To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Moving from one house to another is never an easy task. It’s something that Zach Slovin understands more than most people. 

Slovin is in the midst of packing up and moving to the fourth house that he and his wife have bought together. But he’s also a real estate agent. So as much as he dislikes moving – and he certainly hopes they are done at this point – he also spends a lot of time ushering clients through buying and selling homes.

“You have to ease people through the process,” he said. “Every time I’ve bought or sold a house for us, I learn something. It’s always a pain but there are things you can do to make it more enjoyable.”

  1. Price it right. When Slovin sold his most recent house, he did it in six hours. Sure, it helped that he was selling during a still-hot market and that he was moving out of a desirable neighborhood. By setting a realistic price, he was able to get people’s attention. It was off the market so fast, the for-sale sign was put in the ground the day after it went on the market. “Since I’m my own client, I knew exactly what I wanted and fought to get it,” he said. “If there’s any doubt the market is going hard on great listings, let this sway you.
  2. Know the market. Slovin knows that it’s not only about the money when it comes to selling your house – although that certainly helps. In 2021, 91 percent of his first offers on homes for his clients were accepted. “Flexibility and creativity have won me more deals than just having the highest number,” Slovin said. 
  3. Understand emotions. Slovin understands that the process of selling your home is often an emotional one. Whether it’s the first house you and your spouse buy together or it’s where your children take their first steps, lots of milestones may have happened there. “It’s an emotional process,” he said. “You’re not just selling to make money. You need someone sensitive to that. Everyone I’ve worked with has a sincerity to them.”
  4. Enjoy the process. Slovin worked in advertising for almost a decade, and knows from experience that people aren’t often seeing a billboard and writing down a phone number. So he’s trying to put a fun spin on the process. His “Mensch on a Bench” bus bench in St. Louis Park is a start. And he has a robust Instagram presence. But where he’s really stepped up the fun is his TikTok account, where he’s gained more than 3,800 followers and 16,000 likes in a short period of time. If you want tours of some of the fun, famous, or just plain weird homes around the state, this is the spot. His deep-dive into Brian Setzer’s condo is a must-watch.“I’ve found success from that, and I’m even under contract with people I met through TikTok,” he said. “I’m just trying to have as much as possible and bring people along for the ride.”

The process of buying and selling isn’t an easy one. Work with a Twin Cities real estate agent like Zach Slovin who has experienced it himself a number of times, and can manage the process for you.

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