Celebrating A 35-Year Legacy

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This year, the Minnesota JCC is celebrating Tami McDonough’s more than 35 years at the Minnesota JCC — Sabes Center’s Early Childhood Center. Thirty-five years in any job is exceptional, but the impact of being an ECC teacher for over three decades is extraordinary.

“If I had to describe what makes a great ECC teacher in one word, it would be Tami,” said Erin Waller, Sabes Center’s JCC’s Early Childhood Center Director. “Every day, our teachers show up with a commitment to foster a joy of learning. Tami has watched our children grow – from our smallest babies to having families of their own. She is a champion.” 

For the preschoolers in Tami’s class, every day is special. Tami has transformed a portion of her classroom into a post office, where children can write and mail letters, use stickers for stamps, and learn about how the mail works. Or, she has transformed her space into a Target or a Starbucks. “The children love to walk in and find something new,” she said with a smile. “I love bringing things from their outside world into the classroom and to see how their minds process these experiences.

“Being an early childhood teacher is the most rewarding job I could ever think of. I get to watch children discover new skills and find out more about themselves as they do. I help them prepare and meet new challenges. Every day is different,” said Tami. “I have worked with hundreds of kids in classrooms, art classes and other enrichment classes over the years and I truly feel my work is valued. I couldn’t be more proud of my time in the ECC.”

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