Volunteers Need For A Jews of Color Study

Volunteers Needed For:

Jews of Color Study

Organization Name:

Center for Applied Research and Evaluation Nonprofit



Opportunity Summary/Description:

A study to understand the life experiences of Jews of color who are over 50 years of age. All participants will receive a $100 gift card after they participate by answering a few questions via a zoom interview. This study has been reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB), which is a committee that has reviewed this research study to help ensure that your rights and welfare as a research participant are protected and that the research study is carried out in an ethical manner. We will schedule Zoom interviews which are anticipated to last an hour.

Participants are encouraged to bring one artifact (e.g., an object, photograph, family heirloom, etc.) of their choice
related to their experience as a Jew of Color to share with the interviewer. 

For More Information:

Contact [email protected]