You’re Invited: Lea Kalisch’s Record Release Party

Lea Kalisch has an eclectic musical background, so it should come as no surprise that In Love With a Dream, her debut record, would be eclectic as well.

“I’m not closing a chapter of my life – that would be dramatic,” Kalisch said. “I wrote all the songs pre-COVID, and then produced them during the pandemic and up until a few months ago. But (the songs) describe sort of my living the dream in my early mid 20s. And I think these songs feel kind of young to me now. But they’re still relevant. That’s the whole point. I’m still moving through all the questions, and I’m still living the dream.”

Kalisch will be having a record release party and concert on Wednesday night, July 13, in her backyard at 3213 Dupont Ave. S. The event starts at 7 p.m. and the concert is at 7:30. The album has eight songs – two have already been released. She said that musically, she considers the record more “commercial pop” than some of her previously released work. The record is also multilingual with some tracks with French and English, and another in Yiddish and English. There is also one new track that she has very high hopes for.

Shtetl Neshame is hopefully the new Jewish wedding hit song. It’s like a Jewish party song,” she said. 

The song’s lyrics include: “I am a Shtetl Neshume, a Jew from yesterday, I should have been a frumme, my hashtag is oy vey!”

“All the songs have something ‘dreamlike’ about them, sometimes I think they could be the soundtrack to a Jewish Disney movie,” she said. “Maybe I should write that movie?”

A physical copy of the CD can be purchased at Lea Kalisch’s Bandcamp page, and can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.