Jewish Song of the Week: ‘Sim Shalom’ by Susan Lewis Friedman

One of the MANY accomplishments of Jewish Rock Radio that I’m very proud of is the group we helped coalesce in Chicago — JRR Chicago Sings. Under the leadership of Cantor Laurie Akers, Chicago artists, cantors and instrumentalists have been coming together over the last 3-4 years to put on some really incredible live concerts in their community, featuring amazing original songs like this “Sim Shalom” from my sweet friend Cantor Susie Lewis Friedman at Temple Jeremiah in Northfield. 

This past week, it was especially heartwarming to see this group come together for Chicago Sings for Highland Park, which provided a space for both healing and action in the wake of the horrific July 4 shooting in downtown Highland Park. As we commemorate Tisha B’Av this week, I can think of no better group of artists, and no better message to fill us with hope. You can check out Chicago Sings for Highland Park on the JRR Facebook page. #HPStrong 

Learn more about Susie at and listen to tons of other great Jewish artists at