Jewish Song of the Week: ‘With Compassion’ by Claudia Sachs and Marc Luban

If you’ve been following Jewish Song of the Week for a while, you’ve heard me mention JRR’s Jewish Star leadership initiative. Jewish Star identifies talented and passionate teens and young adults ages 14-27 and provides them with mentorship, skills training, networking and more. Claudia Sachs and Marc Luban are two insanely bright and talented Jewish Stars who participated in our programs and then connected last fall when they started school at Columbia University. They wrote this gorgeous song together and now are helping lead services with my dear, dear friend Rabbi David Ingber at Romemu in NYC. I’m SO proud of them and thought this song would be the perfect way to share that submissions for Jewish Star Season 5 are OPEN this week. If you know someone 14-27 with ANY level of experience or talent as it relates to music and leadership, you can recommend them to us using this form and we’ll get them more information about the exciting opportunities they can take advantage of this school year through Jewish Star!

Learn more about Jewish Star and enter at