Fundamental Political Values Go Beyond Political Affiliation

Today, Friday, September 23 is the start of early voting in Minnesota. It is also near the start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

It’s a common refrain for folks to say “this is the most important election in decades.” But this year, it is no exaggeration. 

As nonprofit organizations that serve the Minnesota Jewish community, we don’t endorse candidates or parties. But as Jews, Minnesotans, and Americans, we are committed to fundamental values that go beyond political affiliation.

We believe in our First Amendment rights to fully and openly practice our religion, with a strong separation between church and state.

We believe in the right to control our own bodies, and make medical decisions based on science and our religious traditions without interference.

We believe in the right to be free from antisemitic attacks and dog whistles that put our community in danger. 

We believe in multiracial democracy, where everyone has a voice in the future of their communities. 

This election, the only way we can ensure that we are able to continue living fully as Jewish Minnesotans is by showing up to the polls. 

In 5783, the future of our state, and our country will be decided. The results will have a huge impact on the safety of our community and the integrity of our democracy. It will determine whether we maintain separation between church and state, or we allow one religious outlook to be enshrined into law. 

We invite you to start 5783 by voting early, and inviting three of your friends to join you.

Just as we raise our voices – individually and communally – to HaShem in prayer, we too must raise our voices by voting in this election. 

You can find out what’s on your ballot and your polling place by going to TC Jewfolk’s Voter Resource Guide.

Shana tovah. Let’s make this the year we doubled down on democracy. That would be truly sweet.


Jewish Community Action

National Council of Jewish Women – Minnesota