Jewish Song of the Week: ‘Keep Open the Gates’ performed by Rob & Julie Aronson

Yom Kippur has a reputation as a solemn and serious holiday, but it can be filled with a lot of joy too! For many people, the closing “Ne’ilah” service of Yom Kippur is one of the highlights — the energy is SO intense and passionate as we pray up until the final moments before sundown, with this imagery of trying to get our prayers into heaven before the gates close. In the liturgy, we sing to “keep open the gates,” and my dear friend Eliana Light set these words to beautiful music as a way to lead us into the “Ne’ilah” service. And it’s even more beautiful being sung by two of my favorite St. Louisans, Rob and Julie Aronson! G’mar Tov! May you be sealed for a sweet New Year! 

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