Jewish Song of the Week: ‘Ushmor’ Performed by Zac Gondelman

When I think of Sukkot, I think of cozy fall evenings gathered in the Sukkah with great food and even better company! While the words of “Hashkiveinu” are part of our everyday evening prayers, the mention of “sukkat sh’lomecha” — a “shelter of your peace” especially resonate this time of year, when we appreciate the fragility of life and feel gratitude for all we have. Noah Aronson’s “Ushmor”  is one of many beautiful versions of these words, and hearing them performed here by Zac Gondelman, whom I’ve been blessed to get to know through our JRR Jewish Star leadership initiative, is REALLY something special. Speaking of Jewish Star, if you’re as inspired by Zac as I am, there are a few days left to submit for Jewish Star! Enter at before October 13! Chag Sameach!

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