TC Jewfolk Wins Three Awards For Jewish Journalism

NEW ORLEANS — TC Jewfolk won three awards for journalism at the 2023 American Jewish Press Association annual meeting in New Orleans on Tuesday night, competing in a digital-only category with the largest publishers in Jewish media.

The awards – two first place and a second place – match the total TC Jewfolk staff won in 2021 and 2022. TC Jewfolk has been competing in the Simon Rockower Awards for Jewish Journalism since 2019 and has won 10 total awards in that time.

First Place

Award for Excellence in Feature Writing: ‘Jewish Geography Gone Wild’: How An Informal Network Of Russian-speaking Jews is Helping Ukrainians, by Lev Gringauz

Comment: An inspiring story, built around hope and the extraordinary efforts of the otherwise ordinary people who are all around us.

Award for Excellence in Writing about Seniors: Nursing Homes Will Fail Without State Help, Sholom Says, by Lev Gringauz

Comment: Excellent, extensive treatment of a crucial issue facing seniors, through the experiences of a Jewish long-term health organization in Minnesota

Second Place

Award for Excellence in Writing about Social Justice and Humanitarian Work: ‘We Won’t Go Back’: Thousands March on Capitol for Abortion Rights, Access by Lonny Goldsmith.

The full list of winners is available on the American Jewish Press Association website.