MRA Encourages Members of Congress to Attend the Speech by Israel’s President

The Minnesota Rabbinical Association is the largest rabbinic organization representing the Jewish community throughout Minnesota. As a diverse group with different theological and political understandings, we are able to find common ground on issues that speak to the best of who the Jewish people are and aspire to be.

In that regard, we are thrilled that a leading voice for Israeli democracy, President Isaac Herzog, has been invited to appear before a Joint Session of Congress. We call on all of our elected members of Congress to honor the right of the Jewish people to self-determination by attending this session of Congress.

We are all pained by the attempts of the current coalition to lessen democratic safeguards inside the State of Israel. This anti-democratic trend is infecting healthy democracies across the world, including inside America. However, our belief in the importance of supporting those Israelis fighting to ensure dignity for Jews and Arabs alike inside the State of Israel will be enhanced by President Herzog’s speech before Congress.

We ask that those members of Congress who might be tempted to boycott this speech, instead attend and gain greater understanding about the historic aspirations of the Jewish people to return to our foundational homeland.

Signed by the following members of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association:

Rabbi Esther Adler

Rabbi Morris Allen, statement author

Rabbi Norman Cohen

Rabbi Alexander Davis

Rabbi Avram Ettedgui

Rabbi Yosi Gordon

Rabbi Jennifer Hartman

Rabbi Justin Held

Rabbi Hayyim Herring

Rabbi Harold Kravitz

Rabbi Lynn Liberman, MRA co-chair

Rabbi David Locketz

Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm, MRA co-chair

Rabbi Tobias Divack Moss

Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff

Rabbi David Steinberg

Rabbi Avi Olitzky

Rabbi Debra Rappaport, MRA co-chair

Rabbi Marcus Rubenstein

Rabbi Rachel Rubeinstein

Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel

Rabbi Aaron Weininger

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman