Empowering Israel’s Future: The Extraordinary Legacy of the E. David Fischman Scholarship

In 1949, Polish-born Edward David Fischman arrived in St. Paul with the weight of the Holocaust on his shoulders, having lost most of his family, including his wife and only child, during the war. Settling in St. Paul’s Selby-Dale area, he embarked on a modest life that belied the substantial fortune he would amass through real estate investments in the following decades. When Edward David Fischman passed away in 1995, he left an extraordinary legacy that continues to resonate with the St. Paul Jewish community and Israel’s future. 

In his will, Fischman established the E. David Fischman Scholarship Fund as an enduring gift that provides full tuition for Israeli graduate students to pursue doctorates in political science, law, or economics at America’s leading universities. The E. David Fischman Scholarship Fund has been a beacon of hope for Israeli graduate students. This scholarship comes with a powerful condition – the recipients are expected to return to Israel after completing their studies and contribute to the transformation of Israeli society.

The St. Paul Jewish Federation proudly administers the scholarship fund, which has already granted 97 scholarships to Israel’s best and brightest minds. With the rising cost of education, the E. David Fischman Scholarship serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the ambitious young scholars of Israel.

This year, the St. Paul Jewish community has the privilege of hosting one of the 2023 recipients of the E. David Fischman Scholarship – Amos Atzmon, a remarkable individual whose journey embodies resilience and determination.

Amos was an impressive student, excelling in multiple areas such as basketball, journalism, and leadership as the student council chairman. Despite his ambition to become an Air Force pilot, he found himself in the Armored Corps, where he developed his skills as a commander and leader. 

During law school, he was an outstanding editorial member and eventually became the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Law, Society & Journal. He ultimately became a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Israel.

Amos’s determination, perseverance, and tenacity were put to the ultimate test when he suffered a severe injury during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. However, he never gave up and fought to return to active service, ultimately becoming a Company Commander, leading and inspiring his fellow soldiers to excellence.

Beyond his achievements, Amos’s heart lies in advocating for the rights of disabled IDF veterans. His passion is deeply rooted in his journey, and he envisions a more inclusive and supportive environment for those who have sacrificed so much for their country.

On August 15 at 7 p.m., you have the incredible opportunity to hear Amos Atzmon share his inspirational story at a special event hosted by the St. Paul Jewish Federation. Learn about his commitment to `

For an even more intimate experience, join the Gimel Society VIP Reception at 6 p.m. This exclusive gathering allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with Amos, exchange ideas, and discover the transformative power of education and advocacy in Israeli society.

Let’s come together to celebrate resilience, determination, and the lasting impact of the E. David Fischman Scholarship. By attending this event, you’ll be empowering the future of Israel and contributing to positive changes that will resonate for generations. Take advantage of this opportunity to be inspired and make a meaningful difference. 

Join us on this unforgettable evening!

Sacrifice and Service: An Evening with Amos Atzmon, David Fischman Scholar

Location: Mendakota Country Club

Event Date: August 15, 7 p.m. 

Gimel Society VIP Reception at 6 p.m.