What Makes a Good Question for the Advice Well?

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Dear Miriam,

What makes a good question for the Advice Well?




Dear Reader,

While this is not really a real question, my forthcoming answer is 100% genuine: What makes a good question is something you’re thinking about, wondering about, something you kind of want to ask your good friend but might be embarrassed, something you might post about on social media but don’t actually want to wade through a bunch of other people’s anecdotes to get to an answer, a question you’ve come back to in your own mind more than once and need to articulate to someone else before you spiral out of control, something small but serious, something big but funny, something your aunt casually mentioned at dinner, something that happened yesterday or that might happen tomorrow.

While my answers are surely not always perfect, there’s no wrong question.

Here are some possible topics to help jog the question-asking, answer-seeking part of your brain:

  • End of summer travel
  • Start of the academic year
  • Upcoming Jewish holidays
  • Fall family events
  • Awkward interactions with friends
  • First (or second) dates
  • Other people’s kids
  • Neighbors’ pets
  • Loud music
  • Picky eaters
  • Difficult people at work
  • That thing that happened that time that you wish had gone differently

I love giving advice! But a column like this is a two-way street, and I am asking for your help.

Please submit questions to me here. Answers are always anonymous, and you can change supporting details (or request that I do so) to your heart’s content.

Looking forward to answering whatever you’d like to ask.

Be well,