Social Media Is Not Real Life Is Not Social Media

The past 20 days have been deeply heartbreaking and scary beyond words, for many reasons. As a proud Jewfolk Board member, I am grateful for the tireless work that the Jewfolk staff does each day to keep our community informed, connected, and inspired. I really believe that Jewfolk is a force for good. I am also looking forward to a social media break on Shabbat. I need it. I think many of us need it. May you find some glimmers of support you need this weekend, whether at shul, with family, with friends or with nature. 

Social Media is not Real Life is not Social Media

No eyes meet on social media
No arms embrace on social media

It’s too easy to spin out of control on social media
To shout into echo chambers- your voice reverberating
Everywhere and
But like that tree in the empty forest, did it even make a sound?

It’s too easy to fall into deep dark rabbit holes on social media- caverns filled with 
Everything and
And all your worst nightmares


Sound-bites instead of Sorrow
Empathy Lite
With emojis instead of embraces
Keyboards clashing instead of
Eyes Meeting
Silent yet deafening
Fake Tears that don’t fall
Empathy Lite
Easy lies
That isolate
That terrify
That harden hearts

It’s too easy to get stuck
In the quicksand of social media- it can suck you in, it can make you sick, it can swallow you up.

So Visit this world for a while if you must, but let’s use it for good
Reach out

Then let’s live in the real world
In Real Life- where eyes meet, where salty tears fall down cheeks,
Where candles flicker,
Where arms embrace,
Where people gather and hold space
For eyes to meet & hearts to heal.