Minneapolis’ Leslie Fhima Not Chosen In Emotional ‘Golden Bachelor’ Finale

Minneapolis native Leslie Fhima made it to the final two of “The Golden Bachelor,” but ultimately wasn’t chosen by Gerry Turner in the finale episode that aired Thursday night.

Turner told Fhima, a former figure skater and Zumba teacher at the Sabes JCC, after their last date on the show in Costa Rica in, that he was going to propose to the other finalist, Theresa Nist.

Fhima said on the live finale that she was “cautiously optimistic” that she was going to be chosen.

“I don’t get ahead of myself,” said Fhima. “I don’t count on things until they happen. It’s Gerry’s journey and his choice, ultimately.”

In their first face-to-face meeting since Turner broke the news to Fhima, she told him that she was authentically herself with him.

“Everyone knows what you said on camera, but only we knew what was said off camera,” she said. “Your words meant so much to me, and thats why I was blindsided.”

Said Turner: “I thought you were the right person until suddenly you weren’t.”

Turner apologized to Fhima how everything went down, but Fhima said in response: “I don’t accept your apology but I understand it.“

The internet, however, was firmly on Team Leslie: