Where To Get Sufganiyot In Time For Hanukkah?

With Hanukkah just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about where you can purchase sufganiyot for the holiday. Sufganiyot (the Hebrew word for “donuts”) are a Hanukkah staple, as they fulfill a tradition to eat fried food during the holiday, in keeping with the miracle of the leftover oil in the ransacked temple kindling the menorah for eight days. One of the most common kinds of sufganiyot is a filled donut dipped in confectioner’s sugar, but as the translation suggests, they can be any kind of donut. Here are where you can find sufganiyot in the Twin Cities. Feel free to add to the list in the comments if we’ve inadvertently left anyone out! (Also, if you’re interested in a taste test of some of these, check out The Heavy Table for their review of some of the area’s best). 


Wuollet Baklery sells sufganiyot as Bismark donuts, with custard, raspberry, and lemon fillings. They can be purchased in store, but Wuollet encourages customers to pre-order 2 or 3 days ahead. If you would like to schedule an order for Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, Wuollet requires the order be made by 2 pm on Friday. Bismarks are available at Wuollet’s downtown Minneapolis location (200 S. Sixth St., Suite 288), but not at the uptown location. Also available in St. Paul (1080 Grand Ave.), Edina (3608 W. 50th St.), Hastings (1212 Vermillion St.), Robbinsdale (4139 W. Broadway Ave.), and Wayzata (795 Lake St. E.)


Bogart’s Doughnut Company will have sufganiyot available for pre-order or at their store beginning on Dec. 4 and lasting through the end of the month. The brioche sufganiyot are infused with triple berry jam and are coated in confectioner’s sugar. Bogart’s is located at 904 W. 36th St.

Glam Doll Donuts is selling sufganiyot with a sugar coating and a strawberry jam filling through Dec. 23. These donuts are available for pre-ordering or can be purchased in person. Glam Doll is located at 2605 Nicollet Ave. S.

Mel-O-Glaze Bakery has sufganiyot filled with raspberry jam, and in regular and XXL portions. Orders can be made year-round and need to be placed in advance, by texting or calling 612-729-9316. Mel-O-Glaze is located at 4800 28th Ave. S. 

Minneapolis and St. Paul:

La Boulangerie Marguerite has their version of a raspberry-filled, sugar-topped Bismark available to pre-order for Hanukkah. They can be pre-ordered on the Boulangerie Marguerite website for pickup between Dec. 7-9 and Dec. 12-15. St. Paul: 1279 Randolph Ave.; Minneapolis: 300 13th Ave. NE.


Vitali’s Kitchen will be serving mixed berry, chocolate, and custard-flavored sufganiyot from Dec. 10 to Dec. 13. Vitali’s Kitchen is located in Mall of America on the third floor of the south wing.

Golden Valley:

Funner Brothers Donut Company has sufganiyot available in store, with more available to order online from Dec. 5 to Dec. 23. These sufganiyot come with fillings such as Bavarian cream, apple, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry, according to Eater Twin Cities. In addition to sufganiyot, Funner has Hanukkah DIY Cookie Kits from Dec. 6 to Dec. 23, according to an Instagram post. Funner Brothers Donut Company is located at 2570 Hillsboro Ave. N.   


Crossroads Delicatessen will have sufganiyot in store from Dec. 7 through Dec. 15, with a choice of either chocolate custard or raspberry fillings, as well as a topping choice of either granulated or confectioner’s sugar. Crossroads Delicatessen is located at 2795 Hedberg Drive.

YoYo Donuts has raspberry sufganiyot at their store, while sufganiyot with raspberry, angel cream, strawberry, bavarian cream, and chocolate fillings are available for online order. Vegan sufganiyot are available through an online order placed 48 hours in advance, while standard sufganiyot online orders should be placed 24 hours in advance. Sufganiyot are on sale from Dec. 6 to Dec. 15. YoYo Donuts is located at 5757 Sanibel Drive.

St. Louis Park:

Angel Food Bakery and Donut Bar sells both the “Festival of Lights Jumbo Donut” and “Happy Hanukkah Message Donuts.” The message donuts spell out “Happy Hanukkah” and are adorned with various toppings and icings. The Jumbo is a large donut with vanilla icing, drizzles of blue icing, and a “custom blend of silvery sparkly sprinkles.” Both the Jumbo and message donuts are made of raised yeast dough. These donuts can be preordered for pickup at Angel Food through  Dec. 24, or they can be shipped until Dec. 22. Angel Food is located at 8100 Minnetonka Blvd.

Bogart’s Doughnut Company has a St. Louis Park location at 5003 Excelsior Blvd., for more details see the Minneapolis listing.

Cub Foods Bakery- While Cub Foods Bakery does not carry sufganiyot, they do accept custom orders. This store can be reached at 952-546-1665, and is located at 5370 W. 16th St. 

Knead Bread? Laurie Bakes Bread offers a choice of raspberry, strawberry, apricot, and blueberry fillings, in addition to a choice of granulated or confectioner’s sugar. Additionally, chocolate and vanilla icings and sprinkles are available as sufganiyot toppings. Orders need to be placed via this Google Form two days in advance of your pickup, and will be ready to be picked up on Dec. 7, 8, and 11-13. 

Prime Kosher Catering has three flavors of sufganiyot; caramel, jelly, and custard. Orders can be placed at this link, by emailing [email protected], or by calling 952-800-4645; and can be picked up at 3630 Philips Parkway from Dec. 7 to Dec. 15. Prime Kosher will also have some of their sufganiyot stocked at The Kosher Spot at 4214 Minnetonka Blvd.