These Days Are Fraught

These days are fraught
Each day a roller coaster of emotions – at great intensity – revelations and emotions that might bring you to your knees.
Say a prayer while you’re down there and then
Stand Back Up.
You might need to meditate twice while at work and once in the evening.
If your eyes are open to it, you will see
Ignorance, hate, & fear
Everywhere you look.
Keep your eyes and ears open –
Ask yourself – what do I do with all this anger? With all this fear?
With all the sadness?
How do I hold it? Where do I put it? How do I alchemize it for good? For art? For change?

My words of advice to you (and myself)
Bear witness, but don’t be consumed
It feels impossible to do but we must
Protect our peace
Kindle our hope
Plant and water seeds of hope
And celebrate their flowers.

Honor your strength
To go on
To face each day
To bear witness
To see your neighbor
To love your neighbor
To love yourself
To carry on
To be the light
Love wins out over hate every time.