Lea Kalisch’s Video Officially Drops, Encouraging Conversations on Social Media Use

Lea Kalisch, a multifaceted artist based in Minneapolis, has officially released her latest project, “FIGHT THE ALGORITHM.” The music video, starring Kalisch and 15 local talents and directed by Jon Steinhorst, prompts discussion into social media’s influence on society.

Supported by philanthropist Margarita Louis-Dreyfus and promoted by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the video has significant backing to enhance its reach and impact. 

Now available for viewing, “FIGHT THE ALGORITHM” can be watched on Kalisch’s YouTube channel, and Haidt’s X channel. For more information about Kalish and her work, visit her official website.

The video was screened along with a discussion last Sunday at the Center for Performing Arts.

Kalisch encouraged the audience, especially the youth, to reflect on their personal experiences with social media. 

“What happens in the video? If you had to tell somebody: ‘This is a video I saw, and this happens and this happens,’ what would you say?” Kalisch said.

“After the video, I spent a lot less time on my phone. I wasn’t on my phone as much,” said one young actor. 

Another actor said, “I think it makes you more conscious of the fact that we’re so consumed by our phones. The world seems to put a lot of emphasis on social media, and I think [the video] raises awareness for our digital well-being and just living life a little more.”

The audience, comprised of adults young and old, with many working in education, shared their thoughts on the project. 

“What struck me about the video that I liked very much was the repetition of the ‘swipe, comment, like, share,’ because it showed the addictive nature of this technology,” one audience member said.

“It’s just so powerful, and I’m really curious how kids are going to feel seeing this and what the difference it will make for them,” said another.

Ultimately, Kalisch hopes to get the project into schools, and to share it with parents, kids, and educators alike.

“Social media or digital technology is not inherently good or bad. It’s powerful,” Kalisch said. “Often it’s the case that we don’t have the tools to deal with the power that it has. So, the idea of this is to bring more conversation [to the topic]. I hope that this video can spark a little bit of that conversation,” said Kalisch.

“So, here’s your task. Instead of ‘swipe, comment, like, share’, I would like you to share the video to one person that you think spends too much time on social media,” said Kalisch.

With “FIGHT THE ALGORITHM,” Kalisch has created a thought-provoking piece of art and invites everyone to join the conversation about the impacts of social media in an increasingly digital world: “This is a conversation that should include everybody,” she said.