A Stranger No More

The last post by guest writer Abigail Pickus. She writes about breaking the fast Gatsby-style, meeting strangers, and finding home in the homeland.

In Israel, Mind the Gap… Store, That Is.

Where is it written that the holy and the profane cannot live side by side? Maybe it’s because I’ve now lived in Israel for a few years that if I ever had any misty-eyed nostalgia for the place, it’s long gone.

Israel: Where Everything is Negotiable

My bureaucratic adventure wasn’t an adventure. It wasn’t much different than going to city hall in Chicago, except this being Jerusalem, the waiting room was full of kippot and shtreimels and hijabs.

The Drive To Fit In

“It turns out I like my cars the way I like my men: Little, lithe and compact. And in bright colors.” Jerusalem-based writer Abigail Pickus dishes on driving, cars, and men in Israel.

A Chance of Snow … In Jerusalem?

When Jerusalemites stack up on batteries and canned foods in preparation for an impending snow “storm,” this Chicagoan-turned Israeli just laughs and reflects on what a REAL winter feels like.