Fried Olives: Still Sort Of Good For You

My mom loves to tell the story of how as a stubborn child I once ate only olives for a week. I believe it, especially since my own child has the tendency to only eat Ketchup. Stubborn eating apparently runs in the family. You’d think that a diet of olives for seven days would have […]

Picnic Food

Baba ganoush, Israeli couscous, pita, hummus, Shoko — I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

My Childhood Crush: The Always Romantic Linzer Cookie

The Linzer Torte is said to be the oldest-known cake in the world. Originating in the town on Linz, Austria, recipes for this buttery tart have been found dating back to 1653. Linzer cookies are a cut-outs version of the ancient pastry, created by cutting a circle of dough similar to that of the tart, covering it with […]