Stories, Text, Life

Jewish life and text are intricately intertwined – Chris Bargeron meditates on what that means.

The Power of Healing

Debbie Friedman has given the world many gifts, but perhaps most precious are the gifts of blessing and healing.

Shabbat: A Time for Life

Whether you consider yourself shomer Shabbat or “nowhere” Shabbat, setting aside a day every week for rest, refreshment and reflection is beneficial. It’s not just good for your spirit; it also supports good, healthy living.

Choosing Shalom

In choosing Judaism, the Jewish people, and Jewish life I have found a wholeness, shalom, I have never before experienced.

How to Make Amends to Another Person

One of the skills of a well-lived life is to be able to recognize and right the wrongs we have created through our actions. The Days of Awe present us an opportunity.