HaBaitah For The Holidays

Christmas is not a big holiday for most Jews. But for converts to Judaism, Christmas often means a trip home for a porkless reunion with the mishpacha.

Jay Michaelson to Speak on The Religious Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Jewish writer, scholar, and LGBT activist Jay Michaelson comes to the Twin Cities to teach about how Jewish and Christian religious texts and values actually support same-sex marriage, and how amendment opponents can bring a religious perspective to conversations about the proposed Minnesota state constitutional amendment.

God Bless the Whole World – No Exceptions

How is it that people made in the image of God can enact evil? This is a question without an answer. But our tradition insists upon the pure and holy essence of every human being. No exceptions.

Waking Up

The month of Elul provides an opportunity – or perhaps a nudge – to wake up and pay attention.

Coming Home

Our souls and our hearts can lead us to great joy, if we can listen and follow.