On Iran: A Deal Without Trust

Sure, we’re excited about the deal with Iran. But did it accomplish any of the actual goals? Can anything of value really be accomplished without trust?

"Joseph" Rocks Chanhassen

This is the Webber/Rice show that tells the Biblical story of Joseph – in surprising detail – in the form of a musical theater show. Think Les Mis of the Book of Genesis – or Prince of Egypt. Surprisingly, I had never seen Joseph before, and neither had my companion. Nor had either of us ever been to Chanhassen Dinner Theater before. So we were coming at the whole thing completely new.

The Dilemma of Egyptian Democracy

The democratically elected Islamist president of Egypt has been deposed by the military – and replaced by a respected jurist. Jenna Mitelman asks: Is this right?

Israel And Hamas: Rockets and Responses

As Israel readies for all-out war to end the endless barrage of rocket attacks fired on its civilians, what does the rest of the world think of this newest chapter in the violence?