Gets, Goats and Jewish Divorce

As we came closer to the Get ceremony, my misgivings blossomed into full-blown dread. I started thinking about ways to sabotage it; coming down with chicken pox or lying about a sick mother and going to visit her.

Where, Jewishly? Thoughts on the Pew Survey

I just finished reading the Pew Survey summary on how many Jews (especially younger ones) are no longer identifying Jewishly. I am trying to decide how much identifying I did in my twenties (none at all, or very little) though I went to my parents’ seders and lit candles for Hanukkah.

Single Mom, Seeks Mezuzah

They say mezuzahs keep away evil spirits. Not like the ones in horror movies, but the monsters in our minds and hearts. And having just gone through a divorce, I know those monsters. They’re persistent. And real.

Out-of-the-Box Tzedakah

She was alone, scared and most of all longing for escape from a hardscrabble existence. She was living the life of quiet desperation we all hear about but try to push to the back of our minds.

Am I A Jewish Artist?

Like Kerouac’s buddies, I too am in search of God. But if you asked me to check off the ways I find God—through observance, writing, holidays, relationships, shul or prayer I couldn’t answer.

Son Of The Faith

“I looked up at her as she smiled. Those slender white fingers with perfectly polished nails were going out at night and washing dead people. What’s more, they were people Nancy knew. As she started cutting and layering, I knew I had to learn more.”

Get Me Rewrite On That Brit

At this age, it is supposed to cause a minimum of pain and will never be remembered by the baby. At least that’s what some people say. But they also say lobsters don’t feel pain when they’re being boiled to death. I wonder if the lobster knows better.