Who the Folk?! Julie Burton

Believe that you will be a happier, kinder, more generous person by practicing self-care, and this will be a true gift that you will share with your family and everyone around you.

Who the Folk?! Heather Edelson

I’ve always wanted to run for public office and I’ve talked about it throughout the years. I feel strongly about social justice: we are all in this together, though it doesn’t always feel this way.

Who the Folk?! Sherri Jean Katz

University of Minnesota professor and new Minnesotan, Sherri Jean Katz, talks to us about her research, being smart about technology and kids, and why she thinks Minneapolis is the perfect size.

Who the Folk?! Bill Gurstelle

Author Bill Gurstelle talks to us about lighting things on fire in the pursuit of scientific learning, his favorite Jewish foods and how to blow stuff up safely.