Determining Our Own Reunification Rituals

The more observant or clergy-identifying folks in our readership are about to roll their eyes hard, but it is truly incredible how often the Torah and its wise guidance match up with our current events. This week’s parsha is Tazria-Metzora. It’s actually the only portion that I feel vaguely qualified to analyze and discuss publicly […]

Jew Review: ‘Jojo Rabbit’

What does World War II Germany look like to a young, patriotic German boy? For the most part, Germany is a colorful, safe, and inspiring place for young Jojo. His sense of belonging is bolstered by his loving mother, the camaraderie of Hitler Youth, and the enduring support of his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. This […]

Jew Review: ‘Up There’

When tragedy strikes, what happens to a place and its people after the news vans have packed up and the stories have been broadcast? This question is the central inspiration for new, indie film Up There. The film follows journalist Jack on assignment to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, tasked with writing a story […]

High Holiday Dinner/Break-Fast Matchmaking

ICYMI, Rosh Hashanah begins the evening of Sunday, September 29, and Yom Kippur begins on Tuesday, October 8. The holidays continue with Sukkot, which begins on the evening of Oct. 13, and they finally come to an end with Simchat Torah on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Basically, it’s a whole month of celebration! And TC Jewfolk […]

Jew Review: ‘Operation: Immigration’

Am I white? Am I POC?”  This question frames Avi Aharoni’s solo performance, Operation: Immigration, at this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival. Don’t think, however, that the hour-long show is some self-indulgent, high-brow, social-justice warrior fever dream. Aharoni dedicates his allotted hour to honor his late father, Menachem Aharoni, and Menachem’s emigration from Iran to Israel […]