Stepping Up: Reflections on How to Be an Antiracist

Racist. It’s a word that conjures emotion. Either you are one or you’re not one. And heaven forbid, you don’t want to be called one. But you might just be one if you’re not actively working against racism. That’s a thought several presenters put before approximately 100 participants in a recent virtual workshop on “How […]

Jew Review: 42nd Street Dazzles at the Ordway

If you’ve ever had big dreams of success or still do, the storyline of 42nd Street, a musical-within-a-musical, is an inspiration. Wrapping up as an Ordway Original production on August 11, the Emmy award-winning Broadway hit is the story of a young, aspiring showgirl, Peggy Sawyer, who leaves Allentown, Pa., for a chance to make […]

Kids Relate to “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” at the Ordway

It’s sometimes tough being a kid trying to find one’s place in the universe. Stressors can come from many aspects of one’s life, affecting friendships, schoolwork, and relationships with their parents. Religion, nationality or medical conditions are a few things that can make children feel anything but normal – whatever that is. In fact, more […]

Advocating For African Asylum [Updated]

The State of Israel was founded by refugees. Activists for Right Now: Advocates for African Asylum Seekers in Israel are trying to help today’s refugees. Learn more at Adath, 5:30 PM, January 19.